EMA Sistem Yangın Güvenlik Mühendislik AŞ has been operating on fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing systems since 2012. Our most basic principles, human security and risk management principles before our business; to design special solutions to protect people in the places they live and work. As of the year 2014 by stepping into the Armored Vehicle Defense Industry has started the production of the Armored Vehicle Fire Detection and Suppression System. With our expert team, we are doing ourselves both product manufacturing and project montage. Our company is continuing to work with new projects designed by Defense Industry in 2016 and has completed the works of Armored Work Machines Fire Extinguishing Systems, Industrial Work Machines Fire Extinguishing Systems which are new projects and started to manufacture. In addition, the design of the Bus Fire Detection and Extinguishing System has been completed and the certification and testing process is continuing. As of 2017, our R & D efforts underway in our Technopark office in Ankara. We wish to give information about our products and projects, to meet you and to wish you to choose us as a subcontractor in your projects ..

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